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Happi Hollidayz!

We dint get to haz ny gud fud yestrday cuz grampa had to wurk. MP and Gramma wuz reel madz dat peepl had to shop on Tanksgibbin, and dat ment Grampa dint get to haz no Tanksgibbin.

Iz mad too, cuz dat me mee an MC dint get to hab no Tanksgibbin eeber. You knowz we likez the Terkee, and da stuffin wit da pig meet, an… well we like all da stuffz reely. MP gabe us a liddl pig meet frum the samwiches she an Gramma had since day cuddnt hab reel Thanksgibbin. I dunno why peeples got to shop on holidayz. Or at all reeleez. U can jes getz on da intarwebz and byez stuffz! Blak Frydayz is stoopid an it hurts peeples who workz hard cuz dis is one ub da only timez day getz to spendz wit us kittehs!

O hay! Gess wut! Me and MC wonz a prize from, wun ub ar faborit kitteh blogz! Itz dis rilly kewl bed (dats toetz gonna b myn, by de way!) thas lyk a big fuzzi ball wit a hole in it to snuggl in! U gotta look to beleeb it! Iz so kewl, and I really exsyted! Tank u so much to Stephanie, Charlie and Priscilla for the grate gift! I desydid I reely likz dis Krismess ting! I alwayz lyket da hollydayz, wat wit all da foodz and stuffz, but I tink nowz Iz startin to seez a PREZZY PATTRN! Me and MC get lossa new toyz wen it getz old owtsyd!

The Cat Ball Modern Cat Bed

Datz not mee in da ball, but me an MC wunded wun! Tanks, Catsparella!

U cant beet dat! MP sez we eben gotz MOR prezziez comin soon! W00t!

So how wuz ur Tanksgibbin?

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