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Sorry Iz Been Gone So Long…

Me an Cat Mama been bizee wit summer nappin. Itz veree important to get naps in summer cuz itz so hot and we go FUR U NOE! So we sleepz all the day xsept at nite and reelee earlee in da mornin when we runz aroun a lot. The Peeples don like that too much, cuz dey alwayz sleepin wen we runnin arownz, and busee wen we sleepin! Wats up wit dat?

Peeples is weerd.

Anywayz, besidez da nappin, summer iz fun cuz of all da BUGS! We got dis window in da basement (Peeple Mama callz it da pit) where I gardz da bak yard wen i not sleepin. Peeple Mama callz dat winnow da wun wit da “g*ddam screen” cuz me an Cat Mama alwayz pullin at it. DATZ CUZ OF DA BUGZ! The get in threw the winnow, an day’r de kewl onez dat hop arown all over the plase. So me an Cat Mama likez playin wit dem, and den sometimez we eatz dem. Der’z da usual leggy bugz and flyin bugs and stinky bugz too. De g*ddamn screen is a gud place to watch da birdeez and da squrrels and CHIPMUNK!!!! I hatez chimpunkz, and da g*ddam screen a gud plase to keep an eye on der EBIL PLANZ.

Oh, wun nite der was dis thing Peeple Mama called a racoon dat lookd like a reely fat cat, an it was stannin on top of da birdie feedie thing, jus lookin at me! I howled and howled and tryed to jump thru the g*ddam screen like a BILLION timez but I cuddn’t get thru. Da rakoon finally runned away. THEN my arch nemisis DAT BLAK KAT started commin RITE UP TO MY HOWSE, like THREE TIMEZ, an wonse he even CAME UP TO DA G*DDAM SCREEN TO LOOK INTO THE PIT! U better beleeve I wuznt havin any of DAT! So I tryed to jump thru da screen again, an I hissd and I growld and I howld but it still dint work. At least DAT BLAK KAT got da message after dat an started goin thru the bak of da yard agin and stayin away from MA HOWSE.

See, I’m a gud guard cat. Datz ma job.

Anyway, it’z gettin hot, so I better get to sleep. Laterz!


Pee Ess: I know I gotta change mah banner thingy. Hooz got da time?

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Oh hai.

Im Elsie, dis iz my blog. Mama Person sez I talks so much I shud haz one. I dunno, tiping iz hard. But I likz other catz blogs I seez arownd I thinkz I cud do dat too!

I dunno, Mama Person nevvr duz her blog, she not a gud roll model. I shud try to du better dan her. I kewlr anywayz. MP writz abowt boreing stuffz. Xsept sumtimes she writz abowt catz, and dat is kewl. I don likez it wen she writz abowt goggies, tho. Goggies are stoopid and day smell bad. I member from da joint.

I wuz born in da joint ya know! Mama Cat sayz wez lucky we fownd peeples we wanted to lib wit. Sum catz don’t getz to haz peeple, and dey has to kach deyr own fewd! I meanz, I likes kaching mices, but I wuddn’t wanna EAT dem! Deyz for playing! Mama Cat sayz wen she libbed outsidez, she hadda katch her own fewd all da timez! She atez birdz and mices and chipmunkz (I HATEZ CHIPMUNKZ!) and watteber she cud katch. She sez it wuz kold and sumtimez SHE GOTTED WET! OMG thatz skery. I hatez gettin wet. When MP getz in dat ting where she makez the rain fall inside, I alwayz clime up on da wipe off thing and yell “GETZ OUTTA DER MAMA PERSON! YOU GET WET!” but she alwayz laffs at me. I gess dey have to makez da rane fallz inside cuz dey don likk demselvs wif deyr tung, wich is stoopid.

Den agin, peeples don smell too much bedder dan goggies, so I gess I wuddnt wanna lick myself eidder if I smelld dat bad.

So dats mah frst post. I gotta go tayk a nap nao. Kthxbai.

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